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EMWWeb Wish List

This is a list of documents, sources and data that would be useful to have in digital form.

The items listed below are simply possibilities, and will depend on copyright and data-entry issues. If anyone has any ideas on what copyright issues are involved for posting digitized versions of old works (e.g. does the owning library hold copyright?) and the willingness of modern publishers to publish academic data contained in their works on a not-for-profit, research-oriented website, please contact me.

List of sources provided by historians:

I have already digitized many of the following primary sources, and hopefully there will not be any copyright issues that would preclude me from posting them on EMWWeb at some point in the future. This, of course, would depend on others' willingness to contribute their own sources to the collection.

The following reference lists would also be useful for people constructing their own databases on early modern warfare, and should not have any copyright issues attached to them:

Many of the following sources would be of interest to me (I have hard copies of most of them), but I won't be digitizing many of them anytime soon. So if anyone wants to volunteer...


Other suggestions are always welcome.

Last Edited 10/22/2002